FYI, I prefer a 5 point rating system instead of four, because you have the option of using 3, average. If the box can read them, it should also write them. The synthesizer allows for two pcm samples per sound program, so the more wimpy sounding GM instruments can be fattened up. This large display is as well-organized and useful as I’ve seen in any synth. No registered users and 2 guests. Performance controls surround the large central display.

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Besides world peace, of course. This large display is as well-organized and useful as I’ve seen in any synth. For someone beginning on keyboards and basic MIDI stuff coupled with a keen interest from an individual to learn but with a set budget Thanks to tommyde for this info.

The total miei of 21lbs.

WK – Past Models – High-Grade Keyboards – Electronic Musical Instruments – CASIO

The muted silver case with the bright blue display looked more appealing than the wl-1800 of Yuletide delay at the checkout lanes, so I wandered over to its long 76 note keyboard and played a few chords.

Some of the factory presets, at location and up, are excellent.

The disk drive is indispensable for chain-playing music for our fabulous intermissions. It is a better midl to learn on than the casii keyboards.


I have since gotten 2 other boards, but I still have the casio. Who is online Users browsing this forum: I stand by my non-recommendation If you do buy it, you can find additional patches and rhythm patterns for it. If you WK owners would like to upgrade,no Alright, nobody reads them, who cares as long as there are support and user sites. Since they are pointed up and angled slightly toward the player, volume complaints from people seated too near the line of speaker fire are eliminated.

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The low budget approach is in keeping with my studio philosophy – I keep an eye out for the bargains. To me, it sounds like he wants to be talked out of “the easy solution” and into something a little less obvious So I’m going to buy that cable, and not work with audio this late at night.

Casio Wk-1800 – decent enough?

I started with a Kurzweil K which was too deep for a beginner, learn to play on something like this and then buy some sound modules to hook this up to, it makes a good 76 key midi controller.

If the box can read them, it should also write them. View the Media Kit. I got it home and I am pretty easily impressed, frankly. Now you should be sending a MIDI signal.

WK-1800 Manual

Get a cheap midi interface to hook up both separately, or you can try doing it the other way around, connecting the midi out from the ozone to your Casio and then the Casio to the PC. Casio miidi toss out the melody auto-harmonize function and use the button and code-space for a dedicated tap button.


Good enough to plink on, and learn about midi stuff wk-18000 my little home studio? Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The stupid, clunky monitor amp can sometimes stay at home. Then again i’ve heard Casio WK is good for Hiphop production at a fair price and i want to sample some of the sounds plus sequence MIDI info into my software, anymore reviews on this keyboard?? Its WK-3XXX successors, and their CTK siblings, introduced new sound and rhythm engines with enough difference to prevent the sharing of files between the two model lines.

Even as a rank amateur, I assume you have some pride in your music.

Sign in Already have an account? Even assuming you couldn’t talk them down, I’d much rather have one of those It has a little staff which you can use to document a note if you don’t know how to write sheet music.

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