Once that’s gone off, drill and fix. As you can see Normally the boot is on the other foot. Anyway they are not suitable to hang kitchen cupboards on. The wall cleat is levelled round the room with a laser-level.

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Normally the boot is on the other foot.

Gents, Many thanks for the responses. I tend to use the plastic ones for light stuff e.

Screwfix Drywall Fixings..

The Fischer ones do and would be fine, I suspect http: For an item like a cupboard with fixed centres a template should be made. Place plug on a Duo-Bit.

Push the Redi-driver into the plasterboard. One has single point and parallel thread tips, easi-drier other 3 points and conical thread tips.

For my own design of kitchen cabinet I use a long cleat of x18 WBP plywood ripped at 45 degrees with one half attached to the wall with frame fixings, e. The Heavy duty Redi-driver is suitable for fastening heavy items to plasterboard, as well easi-drive cutting a thread into the plasterboard a gravity toggle drops down to spread the weight over a larger surface area.


Grunff Contact options for registered users. Different manufacturer with different, presumably trade, marked names. Mark the spot where you wish to position your redi-driver. As you can see If you find areas without adhesive, my choice would be to cut back the plasterboard around the metwl, and fill it with one-coat.

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I tried using some frame fixings to make attachments into some for a cupboard and was not comfortable with the strength of the result.

Richard Downing Contact options for registered users.

This was with fixings similar to one of the ones that Grunff listed http: On Sun, 15 Oct Once that’s gone off, drill and fix. RzB Contact options for registered users. If the plasterer made sure there is plasterboard adhesive where the fixings will go, then it’s easy – just use 4″ long screws and normal plugs.

Easi-driverr must be loosing it mungoo I have just purchased some of them to fit a door lining into Thermalite blocks They pull out of the plaster too easily. The easi-drivver duty Redi-driver and the metal Redi-driver can only be used on hollow walls, they are not suitable for walls that have been dry lined as they hit the brick wall behind the plasterboard and can force an area of plasterboard away from the wall!


Redi-Drivers | Fasteners & Fixings

BTW – I emailed Screwfix to find out the differences Register new account I forgot my password. Redi-drivers or Easi-drivers are a fast, easy way to fasten to plasterboard. Save Edits Use Original Image. The building material may only bear on the plug collar.

Nylon Mungo Easi-Drivers any good?

Think about how much a full earthenware dinner service weighs. I’ll look around for these tomorrow Click to see the full signature.

These are the brackets that fit to the wall This makes them unsuitable for fixing to walls that have been plaster boarded with the direct bond method, as it will hit the bricks behind and so will damage the plasterboard.

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