That’s basically what I was planning. STB’s output some channels over firewire that are otherwise encrypted, so there’s still an advantage to firewire recording. I get it to work the first time every time but will not capture a second show if I change channels or stop timeshift and try to go back in. I won’t be able to continue my play until later this evening too much Christmas shopping to do but I can’t wait. IFO files before burning. He can change the channels if you uses the command line utility that came with the driver pack but mce doesn’t recognize it as a tuner device, even though it should. It sounds like VLC is not closing its connection to the firewire source correctly when it’s process is terminated like the “kill” command issued by External Recorder.

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Send Motorola DVR shows to a PC via Firewire

The first time you do this the Found new hardware wizard will come up. Using the following instructions from a poster in the AVS forum; “I upgraded from a to a and the firewire capture is working for me on the Your sound problem is probably related to not having the appropriate decoder.

I’m hoping sub mmotorola be able to help because it’s so close.

The also supports the Purevideo decoder and is less expensive than the Problems arising from controlling or troubleshooting conference room technology can often result in a loss of productivity. Besides this, the demands of customers have also set industry standards for what is acceptable, irrespective va/c what service providers, manufacturers or other stakeholders have to say.

Thru the firewire or do I port off the rear of the ? When you select a channel mororola you have associated with the capture source in “preview” mode it will simply run the app you have specified as the preview executable, so that’s probably not useful for what you are trying to achieve. I’m not in a country that uses this type of setup, so you guys will pretty much have to work this one out yourselves.


You’re on the home stretch if you’ve made it this far, and are ready to start recording your Comcast DVR shows. Obtain the software and drivers needed. Mtoorola anyone have any experience? I don’t want to buy an external tuner as I don’t know which channels are QAM unencrypted and renting a second STD is more expensive than renting a DVR from comcast, which makes it a silly solution. Make sure your computer has a FireWire port, motodola will either be a small 4-pin port or the regular 6-pin port that looks the same as the port on the back of the DVR itself.

When people make a HD PVR buy, many questions naturally arise given paneo varying models, specifications and features. I went into Device Mgr and updated the driver, this time choosing “Don’t Search.

This will prevent you from having to cancel prompts for installing new devices in the future when you connect the firewire cable.

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Here is the link, but I will also cut and paste the “How to” below. It’s just that it won’t start properly the next time it’s called. Sometimes it takes times for the handshaking to go through properly and for CapDVHS to start without error.

There’s no way to tell sage that the two sources are actually the same cable box so it won’t resolve recording conflicts and will try to record two shows simultaneously if one is on a firewire channel and one on a s-video channel. Working Together to Find the Right Solution.

This program also has editing capabilities even an automatic commercial editing mode for HD recordings that relies on the presence of black bars during commercials but those features are not covered here. I can have VLC open viewing the firewire data real-time and change the channel without trouble, but perhaps VLC is more sensitive when writing it’s output to a MPG file as I was doing last night.


Selected only the local hd channels that I know are not encrypted in the channel setup and selected the exe channel change option so that I could change channels using firewire.

Send Motorola DVR shows to a PC via Firewire | DVRplayground

As noted above, when facing the back of the DCT64xx choose the firewire port on the right side left side motoorla facing the front. For UbuStream, since the source is a stream, this not a problem since the connection to the stream source is simply dropped.

Again, if anyone’s interested I can post what I came up with. VGA out is for your PC monitor. Which version of VLC are you using? Conference Room AV Control Panel This can result in an endless flood of urgent support calls to IT or AV personnel who often end up taking the blame should things go wrong during an important meeting.

Room Control for AV Systems The size of a room and how it is used are the two main factors that determine what type of control system you need.

How to record shows from a Comcast DVR to a PC

Windows will recognize the connection and will prompt you with it’s built-in Hardware Connection wizard. Click “Next” and you’ll be prompted to verify the installation, with a warning indicating that the driver has not passed the Windows Logo testing which is harmless in this case. When facing the back of the DCT64xx make sure you use the firewire port on the right hand side left side if looking from the front.

Earlier posts have indicated that vlc does, in fact, get terminated by ExternalRecorder.

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