There are no open issues. The Storport driver allocates memory for the access ranges and initializes this member. The maximum value for this member is Subsequent calls to HwStorFindAdapter and other miniport functions receive the device extension as last modified by the miniport driver. The Storport driver initializes this member to TRUE , because its miniport drivers must support tagged-queuing. The amount of time, in microseconds, to pause the adapter after a reset is detected.

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Indicates whether the Storport driver maps SRB data buffer addresses to system virtual addresses. Although SCSIPort re-initializes the device extension whenever the adapter is stopped and thus subsequent calls to Sforport receive a zeroed-out device extension, Storport does not follow that model.

Sotrport StorPortPoFxIdleComponent routine decrements the activation reference microsoftt of a specified component of a storage device. Read about this change in our blog post. If the same event object is passed to the routine, the driver fails the rule. Storport Idle Power Management. Select your driver project. For more information, see: The HwStorFindAdapter routine uses the supplied configuration to determine whether a specific HBA is supported and, if it is, to return configuration information about that adapter.


Retrieves the number of entries in a Storport managed singly linked list. Storport set this to a default value of 20 for physical miniports and to for virtual miniports.

Specifies the bus-relative vector returned by the HBA. The HwStorResetBus routine is called by the port driver to clear error conditions.

The StorPortGetGroupAffinity routine constructs a mask of the active processors in a requested group. The StorPortFreeRegistryBuffer routine frees the buffer that was allocated for storing registry data.

The StorPortLogTelemetry routine logs a miniport telemetry event to help diagnose or collect any useful information. Improved miniport driver interface that addresses the needs of high-end storage vendors, particularly host-based RAID and fibre channel vendors.

The StorPortMoveMemory routine copies memory from one buffer to another. A miniport should mark memory used for the dump file or the hibernation file.

The StorPortRegistryRead routine reads the registry data for the indicated device and value. Miniport drivers must not modify this member. Improved performance, both in terms of throughput and the system resources that are utilized.

Storport Driver – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

The Storport driver initializes this member to TRUEbecause its miniport drivers must support auto-request sense. The miniport driver support bit addressing in a single 4GB region.

Read about this change in our blog post. The StorPortPause routine pauses an adapter for the specified period of time. Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. Maps the buffer all for IO including read and write requests.


Storport I/O Model – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

The Storport port driver makes no assumptions about the HBA’s interrupt usage, so the default value is kicrosoft. The miniport can log four general purpose ETW parameters. The possible values are as follows:. However, there are important differences between the design of the SCSI port driver and that of the Storport driver, and these routines must accommodate those differences.


The StorPortPauseDevice routine pauses a specific logical unit device for the specified period of time. It passes a pointer to the HBA-specific device extension in every call to a miniport driver. The StorPortPoFxSetComponentLatency routine specifies the maximum latency that can be tolerated in the transition from the idle condition to the active condition in the specified storage device component.

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