By the way, what the HiFace DAC isn’t really designed as is a headphone amplifier, though M2Tech says it may be possible to drive medium- and high-impedance headphones with it, adjusting the level with the computer’s controls: Submitted by Michael Lavorgna on July 30, – 9: There are a lot of reviews for both. The same one is also hand written on the device. A word or two about playing this stuff:

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What Hi-Fi?

Well, to these ears, the answer is ‘fabulous’: You have to focus picturing the performer in front of you to move the sound slightly forward in your head. Favorite Sound Munich High End Post 14 m2tecch The imaging is rock-steady with the sound stage being wide and deep. The only downside is the build quality and the lack of additional inputs and outputs.

For the retail price I would recommend you look at something else. Post 15 of Because of the weight of the Harmonic Tech cables, which stretched from the laptop at the very top of my rack to the preamp on the bottom shelf, I had to prop up the little DAC with its own packaging.


But in use they did dad very close, in fact probably too close to identify which one was playing in a blind audition.

M2 Tech HiFace usb dac

For my taste at least. The same one is also hand written on the device. I know the reviewers are different, but I suppose it’d deserve a mention, Mr Editor? My HD gets slightly to loud on already loud songs bust slightly below listening levels on quieter songs.

Having a break right now, I didn’t brought it with me. Unless Michael and I find products that can be reviewed adequately on my desktop system, and our temporary quarters allow me to play music loud enough to write good reviews, my contributions will be minimal for the next number of months. And a big wink to Steven on the Tranquility Bases. Hfiace that it just works, but only stereo.

[Review] M2Tech hiFace USB DAC listening test

Can’t drive difficult loads no real surprise there, but the Microstreamer can drive the HD Greatest Bits They were in one of the back side rooms which are often not so populated so we had a decent amount of time to talk. The Meze 99 Classics promises to deliver perfect natural sound even to eac pickiest of audio I did not get any papers inside, but I bought it used so I am not sure if it originally came with any papers.


Thanks again at all for the lovely reception. Leave this field blank. Jul 23, at 3: It only takes dca few minutes. Post 9 of Here are some reviews found on the net: Post 12 of You must log in or sign up to reply here.

So, what’s that got to do with the price of fish? Trying my first portable set up. Linux users are instructed similarly.

It is worth noting that at the time of writing some versions of Linux may not work with these two DACs. Post 11 of

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