In order to avoid many identical entries all actions that modify the mode a program currently is in are independent of the prog token. Any other positive value ‘n’ tells the program to pass the config string every ‘n’-th time to the according application, when a key is repeated. LIRC is a package that allows you to decode and send infra-red signals of many but not all commonly used remote controls. After more than 10 years LIRC has a new maintainer. There are some situations when you might want to use multiple devices with LIRC simultaneously. The idea is to have configuration information of all clients in one place.

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irtext2udp(1) — lirc — Debian experimental — Debian Manpages

When addressed to our clients, any opinions or advice contained in this e-mail and any attachments are subject to the terms and conditions expressed in the governing Deloitte MCS Limited client engagement letter. Please note that every line that fits to the received signal will be executed.

To achieve unrestricted usage of keys within modes place all mode-configurations before all other configurations; and use quit flags within the mode if you don’t want other configurations to be executed. To prevent the execution of such “global” configurations you can place these at the end of the config file below all mode constructs and use the quit flag described below to stop execution of further configurations when a match happens inside a mode block.

You should also be aware that if a configuration changes the current mode, the change takes effect immediately, which means that the further search for matching configurations beginning at the next configuration further down will take place with the new mode setting.


Christoph Take Surveys.

I managed dup send IR signals to my satellite receiver using my linux box within 1 hour! If you give more than one config string, the config strings will be passed to the applications by turns.

LIRC – UDP Driver

You can still make it work with a trick by compiling the affected driver multiple times using different names and different major numbers.

I’d thought about that, but the sending system will be available only intermittently, so I really need lkrc to be able to connect to the controlled host, send a code sequence, and then vanish again. Colas Nahaboo’s X mouse wheel scroll page gives you further information how to make use of your new wheel mouse. Lifting this limitation is uudp of the todo items for future releases.

UDP Driver

By default for each remote signal received the. If you already have a config file for the libirman package you can convert it using the irman2lirc script that you can find in the contrib directory.

The second config is never executed: The default port is It tells the parser to read the specified file before resuming the current one:. The start value is the threshold that starts acceleration.

At least I couldn’t reproduce this with other versions. Bringing it to the point the above says which program prog should do what configmodeflags if you press a certain button remotebutton a specified time repeatdelay. That way you can for example configure Netscape to scroll if you press certain buttons.

It also accepts commands for IR signals to be sent if the hardware supports this. For compatibility reasons the default protocol is the MouseSystems protocol but the preferred is the IntelliMouse protocol.


You probably only missed sending the gap between signals to lircd. You can even get better granularity by combing different commands copied from the config file for AnimaX remotes: In order to use the lircrcd feature you have to explicitly enable it by adding the following line at the beginning of the file: The idea is to have configuration information of all clients in one place. You should get something like this:. The configuration depends much on the type of devices you want to use.

Any other positive value ‘n’ tells the program to pass the config string every ‘n’-th time to the according application, when a key is repeated. Raw code examples on the net seem to all use a single number the actual code? At this point all you need are the tools, which react on the signals decoded by lircd. First test code for Fly Video 98 TV cards available.

Former versions focussed on home-brew capture hardware connected to the serial or parallel port. All remote controls that are supported by learning remote controls i.

Also using a special lircd instance to send infra-red commands is quite easy: The only situation where the described procedure will not work is when you have two devices that both use a kernel driver that can only handle one device at once like e.

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