The following section describes how to recharge and replace the batteries. The testers determine the amount of time it takes to re-establish a layer 2 link by measuring the maximum inter-frame gap that occurred due to a loss of frames while the service was disrupted. This ratio is determined using only the bits in the payload of the frame. When running the RFC test, the tester always transmits a constant load of traffic. Available if Auto-Neg is enabled. The test results for the stream appear. Configuring the traffic load Before transmitting traffic, you can specify the type of traffic load the tester will transmit Constant, Bursty, Ramp, or Flood in 0.

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Span Tree Frames A count of received You can also save the results, and then view, print, or export the results at a later time.

Viavi (JDSU) SmartClass – Ethernet – Livingston

Ethernef catalog number for a printed guide is ML This involves indicating whether you want to configure transmitted traffic using a frame or packet format, and specifying the frame type and frame or packet length. A screen appears prompting you for a filename for the results file. To save test results 1 After your test is finished, display the Results menu, and then select Save Results.

Indicates the tester has not obtained synchronization. Burst Type Select Fixed to specify a fixed number of bursts, or select Continuous.

The Ethernet Tester transmits the traffic streams.

Specifying payload settings Before you transmit layer 2 traffic, you can specify whether the traffic should carry a BERT payload or an Acterna wmartclass. Issue Batteries are not detected by the tester.


About RFC testing.

You can also verify the bandwidth utilized and observe a count of transmitted, received, and lost frames or packets etherent each respective stream.

The settings are copied to every traffic stream.

Charging the batteries is complete when the Batt LED is green. If you want to insert a bit error, press the Action key, and then select Insert Bit Error. Transmitting layer 2 patterns.

JDSU SmartClass Ethernet Optical Electrical Tester

Specifications, terms, and samrtclass are subject to change without notice. This setting is not available if you configured the traffic with MPLS tagging. If you do not connect the cable to a far end device completing the circuityou can also use the Open detection feature to measure the length of a cable. Ping testing tells you if the destination device is responsive, how long it took the ping packet to travel to the destination device and back to the Ethernet Tester, and if ping packets were dropped idsu lost along the way.

Remote Fault If supported by the Ethernet link partner, indicates a reason for auto-negotiation failure.

JDSU SmartClass Ethernet Optical Electrical Tester | eBay

To launch an Ethernet test 1 On the Main Menu, select one of the following: A menu appears listing the available languages. This product generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference tesetr radio communications.

Short—Indicates a positive and negative line on the same pair are touching, and that the tester has detected an impedance less than 33 ohms. Link Status results The Link Status category displays results associated with link initialization and the auto-negotiation of capabilities between the Ethernet Tester and another Ethernet device or Ethernet Tester on the link. When you are ready to resume testing, press the Power key for 1 second to redisplay the user interface. Specifying L2 test application settings Before transmitting traffic over a link, you can specify settings that characterize the traffic and indicate kdsu type of smartclasd load to transmit.


Rx Mbps, Cur L1 The current bandwidth of received traffic calculated over the prior second of test time. Smarhclass are 3 types of screens on the user interface: Aggregate link statistics, link counts, and error statistics are provided, and results specific to each enabled stream are also available.

Viavi (JDSU) – SmartClass – Ethernet

Indicates the tester is in the process of initializing a link with another Ethernet device. Table 18 illustrates each of the possible resolutions. Resolution The battery charge is depleted to such a degree that the tester can no longer detect or charge them.

After auto-negotiation is complete, an Ethernet link is established, and idle traffic is transmitted over the circuit.

Exploring the bottom panel.

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