Transmitting from memory after a failed communication: The unit was equipped with the maximum 40 MB of memory 8 MB is standard. Because of its good overall performance, BLI recommends the Imagistics MFP for highvolume faxing, mid-volume printing and convenience copying. Contact your local Imagistics sales office for service contract pricing. X indicates number of occurrences.

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Program Fax Via PC: No networking problems were encountered and the installation utility was very easy to use.

The unit was equipped with the maximum 40 MB of memory 8 MB is standard. Desktop, CIS stationary sheet-fed exposing unit, laser printing, bond sheet paper, heat and pressure fusing multifunctional device with standard standalone facsimile, convenience copying, host-based printing, scanning and PC faxing as well as optional network printing and LAN faxing via an external print device.

Non-clamshell design wi Summary of the content on the page No.

Competitively priced with lrinter that are competitive to above-average when compared to other mid-volume fax-centric units which is how Imagistics markets this productthis laser-based unit completed testing without any misfeeds or malfunctions. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. Composing and sending a LAN fax: RX to PC Memory: Because fax-centric units that it does not automatically of its good overall performance, BLI recom- detect the size of paper after changing the mends the Imagistics MFP for high- paper sizeBLI technicians found Summary of the content on the page No.


If looking through the Axis Communications Imagistics MFP user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions:. When configured with a parallel or USB printdr, the device can also be programmed remotely from a PC using a bundled remote utility not tested. Reprint stored job without reRIPping: Up to 10, impressions.

Memory is shared among fax, copy and printer functions.

The unit tested had a three-wire cord grounded8′ in length, and carried UL approval for the United States and Canada. Replacement of the cartridge is a straightforward and clean procedure.

Axis Communications Imagistics 2500 MFP User Manual

The average scanning speed is page which may be a cover pageor the pages from the obtained from scanning into memory three originals us- point that error Summary of the content on the page No. Performance of Standalone Fax Functions Fax scanning speed: Printing does not begin application, the file size was not affected, but the number until the entire document has been RIPped.

With some other devices tested, only the affected pages and the first page which may be a cover pageor the pages from the point that error occurred, are transmitted.

USB interface and using the bundled remote As a convenience copier, the unit can output utility this utility was not tested by BLI since up to 99 copies in a single run at dpi reso- the tested unit was prnter with a network lution and provides a. This product has been added to your shopping cart.

Axis Communications Imagistics MFP User Manual | 16 pages

Iagistics one docu- of pages in the job was multiplied by the quantity selected ment resides on the device at a time, imagidtics additional print for the print job. Supplies for Imagistics However, the unit has a suggested retail price that is competitive when compared to those of other mid-volume units currently available, while providing a print Total service calls including PMs Once this is completed, the administrator installs the AXIS Print Monitor utility, which creates a network print port for the device when the print driver is installed.


Alternatively, the user can use the left and right arrow keys to scroll through the menu selections or simply select the number pertaining to the desired selection. New Domestic Intro Date: The drawer must be removed from the machine and the rear and side guides adjusted. Transmitting from memory after a failed communication: Auto paper size sensing: Duplication of this proprietary report or excerpts from this report, in any manner, whether printed or electronic including, but not limited to, copying, faxing, scanning or use on a fax-back systemis illegal and strictly forbidden without written permission from Buyers Laboratory.

Software Std or Opt: Imagistics recommends that users feed labels through the bypass tray.

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