You can scratch, mix, loop, and much, much more. To receive this, please go to http: Alternatively, connect a suitable cable 2x RCA to 3. I tried to update the firmware and now the idj3 will not communicate with the VirtualDJ software. Posted Mon 05 Sep 11 1: So i’ve tried with the Bome program and it load it, but never finished the loading correctly

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Is there any way of restoring the original firmware? I don’t understand why it keep telling me this because i have lots of memory available After trying to updated firmware, only the cue and keylock lights are lit.

Stumagroo LE user Member since I have the same issue of the idj3 not responding when upgrading the firmware and cant seem to find a solution.

Intel processor Mac OS X v Now, here is my issue. Posted Sat 14 May 11 I am trying aydio make it to where I can here the other song on that I have cued up before putting into the master mix I used Midiox and it can’t load the firmware entirely said: Georgiou Home user Member since Hi im having a bit of trouble with my idj3’s.


iDJ3 Complete Digital DJ System | Numark

Posted Thu 09 Feb 12 8: You can even plug in an optional power supply and charge your iPod. However, I’m not hearing anything through my headphones.

Not at this time. You can even create loops and hot cues for mixing like pro DJs. Can some one help me with configuring the head set devise. Posted Sat 07 Jan 12 8: What can I do with the iPod in iDJ3? Support staff Member since You don’t have it configured correctly. If the volume lowers, it means that your headphone output is coming out of the master.

First of all, sorry for my english because i’m a french canadian MixVibes — 64 Bit Windows Drivers [v2. My deck worked perfectly until akdio tried to install the firmware 1, So i’ve tried with the Bome program and it load it, but never finished the loading correctly Third Party Software Support.


You can even record your mixes to the iPod when it is not playing. If you find that your master output is coming through your headphones, then swap the order of the sound cards around in the drop-down lists in sound config.


Your compatible iPod will play audio through the outputs of the iDJ3 and has its own mixer level adjustment to be mixed with audio sources from the two decks. I installed the drivers and the software idk3 connected everything.

Is there a way to restore the last firmware??? Posted Thu 28 Jul 11 When I try to re-upload the firmware just the 1 like on the left autoloop stays on Virtual DJ — Quickstart Guide [v1.

DJ with your computer, your iPod, or both!

Support staff Member since Please see http: MixVibes — QuickStart Guide [v1. It is for non-commercial use only. Numark iDJ3 audio issues – Page:

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