I got it to work on my Desktop Windows 7 64 bit machine, but it fails to work on my windows 7 64 bit laptop. The driver used with the Gungun software is unsigned so you need to log into windows while Drive Signature Enforcement is disabled. Be the first to review this item Amazon Bestsellers Rank: I re-checked again, but no loosing tracking even after long play Under Windows or under mame Concerning the edges of the screen and poor tracking. Worked well enough that when I plug in a Guncon2 it pops up in Device Manager and reports as “working”. Drivers don’t seem to install at all on Win 7 bit. They still operate at 50hz pal or 60hz ntsc refresh rate.

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Please Help! how to get guncon 2 to work on PC monitor and house of the dead 2

I can’t do more. I hope you can make this software work with a signed driver. It would be nice if the calibration would improve.

It’s been well documented, and I’ve even tested it at some point in the last decade. Extract the zipped file to a folder. What about technical limitations, do lightguns run out-of-the box together with a common LCD-Screen? Its cheap, and has been reported working well many places!


Played duck hunt on a Nintendo cp today. Thank you very much, I hope you continue with this project, it may become the perfect solution I’m looking for.

Plus its just plain cool to use your lightgun as a mouse around the desktop, and in MediaPortal. Since I only tested the software in Windows 7 Bit this instruction applies to windows 7 64 bit, but maybe it works on other 64 bit operating systems as well. June 25, I assume Wingun uses targets because of the rolling x trouble. For some reason it did not work well with 2 players in Mame The Wiimote was even more precise than an analog stick in some spots. But, that is probably because of the screen flash and the big hitbox around the target.

The boot options menu appears, choose “Disable driver signature enforcement”.

Time Crisis Gun Con 3 Controller: : PC & Video Games

Use PS2 lightguns with your PC! May 28, Thanks, and great work. Please try your search again later. Start a New Discussion. I’m not opposed to swiping an actual tv out card off ebay if I can score one for cheap. Any new info out there that anyone could point me to would be greatly appreciated. Finally managed to get a Guncon 2 mainly to test the driver.

Enjoy the new features, and let me know what you think!

Guncon 2 – Dead Horse or Still Alive?

Check this out, its pretty new but a very exciting development! It’s very much a wip, I need to properly document the project and simplify the circuit.


Worked well enough that when I plug in a Guncon2 it pops up in Device Manager and reports as “working”. Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more.

Good to hear there is still some work being done with these things. The Metroid Prime Trilogy alone is worth getting the system, if only because it’ll never be on PC legally.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Look forward to learning more avout that project. Getting a mod kit for the guns from Aimtrak right now is not an option due to cost so if I have to give up the dream of playing some Lethal Enforcers I guess that’s just the way it is.

This does rely on the Topgun3 driver which means no rolling X fix – you need to use a third party gun but the 64bit driver seems to work just fine if you enable testsigning for Windows 7 –

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