The control process includes: The first acoustic tube communicates with the first acoustic port and the third acoustic port. With AMAP Fortemedia provides critical communication enhancement functions for mobile devices functions consisting of: The pre-amplifier amplifies the first audio signal to obtain a second audio signal. Additionally, using the multiple microphones to establish a voice pick up zone that is remote from the device, AMAP provides improved speech recognition for hands-free consumer devices of all types – mobile phones, tablets, PCs, auto infotainment systems, wearable devices, gaming and TV systems.

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Sound identification device with microphone array. The toggle detection module detects whether the first fortenedia selection signal is toggling between a logic low level and a logic high level to generate a control signal.

Fortemedia’s Advanced Microphone Array Processing AMAP is a hybrid voice processing system that combines spatial filtering, source separation and adaptive statistical signal processing to deliver advanced voice and audio capabilities to consumer electronic devices.

Each microphone receives an acoustic signal caused by a gesture performed on a surface of the microphone module and converts the received acoustic signal to a digital acoustic signal.

Fortemedia’s Voice Processing Technology Now Deployed in New Metro PCS Coolpad Quattro 4G Phone

Allows development fortemeria specialized audio and voice processing features such as dual user “interview” mode or “desktop speakerphone” mode with multiple users. The output capacitor is coupled between the output node and a ground. The first switch couples a discharge node to the ground according to a discharge signal. An electronic device is provided. The processing unit controls at least one application program executed by the processing unit according to the sound identification result.


The invention provides an audio interface device and method utilizing a single audio jack connector for plugging into a three-wire analog microphone or a three-wire digital microphone, thereby reducing dimensions and production costs thereof and an electronic system using the same. The second data fortemeda module converts the first audio signal from analog to digital to generate a second audio signal.

Analog-to-digital converter, sound processing device, and analog-to-digital conversion method. Upon those spectral signals, statistical filtering for noise suppression, and echo cancellation are conducted along with generating the voice activity statistics extracted previously.

ForteMedia — Listen and Sound Better. Anywhere!

The delay buffer stores the processed data. With AMAP Fortemedia provides critical communication enhancement functions for mobile devices functions consisting of:. The sound transmission device coupled to the first and second chambers includes third and fourth acoustic ports, a first acoustic tube, and a second acoustic tube.

In one embodiment, the sound processing device comprises a first microphone, a first analog-to-digital converter, a second microphone, and a second analog-to-digital converter.

The first and second acoustic sensors are arranged in the soynd chamber and the second chamber, respectively.

The method, adopted by a microphone system including a first microphone device and a host device connected thereto, includes: The acoustic transducer captures an acoustic wave to generate an analog signal. An audio apparatus is provided.

The smart microphone device is coupled to a host, and includes: The sensitivity difference between the first acoustic sensor and the second acoustic sensor is determined based on the length difference or the cross-sectional area difference between the first acoustic tube and the second acoustic tube.


Product Overview

Product Product Fortemedia is the industry leader in voice processing technology. Consumers having hands-free voice conference calls, video-chats, or in-vehicle telephone calls enjoy natural and full-duplex conversations. Audio device for recognizing key phrases and method thereof.

The control process includes: A microphone array disposed on a two-piece computer is provided. Analog-to-digital converter, sound processing device, and method for analog-to-digital conversion. The acoustic detector detects, according to the analog signal, a specific event to generate a trigger signal. Products Technology Company News.

A sound identification device is provided. The first and second fotremedia include the first and second acoustic ports, respectively.

These spectrum modifications are performed sequentially on each concurrent output of the advanced statistical analysis filter and the corresponding processed frequency bins are reconstructed by the synthesis filter as the final output.

The microphone array includes a plurality of microphones disposed within a microphone module mounted on a housing of the sound identification device. In one embodiment, the analog-to-digital converter receives a first audio signal from a microphone, and comprises a coding selection module, a pre-amplifier, a 1-bit??

In the final stage of the AMAP process, the spectrum of the main microphone input after spatial enhancement will be modified by gain factors across frequency to enhance the speech elements and suppress noise components.

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