I have read all the posts everywhere on the DPR and so far nothing can make it print from the imac, running Leopard. In my case I selected ‘HP officeject ‘ the closest match to mine. The ultimate guide to better selfies Changes coming to Twitter: In the Device URI field, enter the following: However, that turned into 3 evenings of head scratching when I tried to add the printer to my iMac.

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Make note of your iP given to your dlink. I’d love to add to the last post, as I found some further information that you may find helpful. The multifunction printer’s scanning function can be controlled over a wireless network.

They were very accomodating and tried to help, but outside of helping me to connect to the dpr, the two I had, had no clue about the various unix drivers that I required. At this point, I took a proactive early step and made the dlink dpr a static ip so that it is not flaky on my network.

Here’s how it config’ed successfully finally: The dialogue boxes for Snow Leopard were slightly different than in this thread but got me close enough to get there. Nano 7 – backgrounds Multifunction Printer Sharing Tested with a wide range of different printer models, the DPR offers a high level of compatibility. This product is Mac compatible.


How can I get my DPR to work with Mac OS X? | D-Link UK

As suggested on the queue review site, it would be a good idea to give the print server maf fixed IP address, rather than a possibly-changing DHCP address. Unfortunately, the Mac documentation for this print server is almost non-existent. Created this page in 0. Voila, it should be printing by now. It indicates information like your print server model, ip address, mac address etc.

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This assumes of course that you have dhcp enabled on your router in the first place. HP Office jet j multi function So here’s what i found: At this point i came across the following helpful link from another helpful poster.

Go to gutenprint if needed Infinite other configurations failed to connect jac stalled again. Whatever you want to see on the Mac printer listing Location: Version Description Date Firmware ,ac. I am max sure it should. Version Description Date Software: Disconnecting and reconnecting the printer would reset it and print one more job, but no end of reconfig would stop it.

You may want to make some reference to it being your print server printer as you may already have had it working locally attached and working prior.

How to install the DPR on Mac Os X

If the IP address happens to change, you won’t be able to print. I believe this is much easier on an Apple Airport Express, but it’s almost twice the price too. Amc was getting the print once then hang effect when direct connected via USB. After several minutes, if you have the patience, you will be greeted with the error message “Operating system not supported.


I have not attempted to set it up wirelessly yet as there is no point unless I can print from a Mac. You may notice that you do NOT have a connection. Printing a file on a network printer is seamless, and users can dpr-12260 control the scanning of documents and photos directly from their computers.

If you don’t see them then click mqc the drop down list that says ‘Windows Printing’ and select Advanced at the bottom. The ultimate guide to better selfies Changes coming to Twitter: If I cannot solve this problem now it is going in the bin! With one device equivalent to 4 separate single-port print servers, you get the most out of your investment.

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