For detailed documentation about. Updates the WIMBoot configuration entry, associated with the specified data source ID, with the renamed image file or moved image file path. You run run DISM commands against a mounted image, as well as run common file operations such as copying, pasting, and renaming on a mounted image. You can create, view, and edit files on a mounted image, just as you would any other file on your PC. To add a new package, click Insert on the main menu, and select Package s.

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You can use DISM to reduce the footprint of a Windows image comnands cleaning up superseded components and resetting the base of the superseeded components. Some packages require other packages to be installed first. For FFU, this command splits an existing full-flash update. Managing the data or information included in the Windows image, such as enumerating or taking an inventory of the components, updates, drivers, or applications that are contained in an image, capturing or splitting an image, appending or deleting images within a.

It commajds recommended to provision apps in an rism operating system in audit mode so that appropriate hard links can be created for apps that contain the exact same files to minimize disk space usage while also ensuring no apps are running for a successful installation.


Modify a Windows Image Using DISM

Removes provisioning for app packages. A directory must contain at least one file. This new Windows package type allows you to request services like.

If the bits are not set, DISM won’t set them. When you use DISM to install a device driver to an conmands image, the device driver is added to the driver store in the offline image. If the status is DisablePendingyou must boot the image in order to disable the feature entirely. See Applying an image to learn how to apply an image.

DISM Image Management Command-Line Options | Microsoft Docs

To learn more, see Repair a Windows Image. For example, DISM from Windows 10, version can service Windows 10, version and version but not version After you modify a mounted image, you must unmount it. Checks whether the image has ccommands flagged as corrupted by a failed process and whether the corruption can be repaired.

Multiple packages can be added on one command line.

Deletes the specified volume image from a. Note that although you can add application files and folders, you can’t install applications directly into a mounted image in the same way that you would on a running PC.

Note that the DISM driver commmands will only run against an offline image. Multiple servicing commands are not supported. When a language pack is added or removed, you must, once again, add all. The status is Disabled. It does not delete the stream data and does not optimize the. Specifies the type of commandss used for the initial capture operation.


Remove a specific driver from the image. Exporting the image will remove unnecessary resource files. Access to Windows Update.

This is the preferred method for installing multiple packages. If the status is EnablePendingyou must boot the image in order to enable the feature entirely.

When the image is booted, Plug and Play PnP runs and associates the drivers in the store to the corresponding devices on the computer. The following commands can be used to mount, unmount, capture, append, and delete and query.

This argument is available only for WinPE images. You cannot install an app package. For an image containing multiple language packs, app resource packages will be added to the image for each language.

Removes any backup files created during the installation of a service pack.

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