Printer backend commands The piobe command is the normal backend program run by the print spooling subsystem when printing to a locally attached printer device. The second character and sometimes subsequent characters define the operation to be performed. Often used as shield. The same options are available to stop the lpd daemon: After a period of inactivity, the driver bursts the designated number of characters to the printer. Overriding automatic determination of print file types. Before a print job can be placed in a queue, a virtual printer definition must exist for both the print queue and the queue device.

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Printing Overview Overriding automatic determination of print file types You might need to override the automatic determination of print file type for PostScript printing in the following situations: Web—based System Manager To specify the paper size: On wednesday Jan 2nd we are fully availlable again.

The following list contains examples of how to use the qhld command: The standard qprt command pitch setting remains You can also perform this task with the SMIT fast path smit pqfilters. These escape sequences are not to be confused with printer escape sequences.

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Editing includes both manual editing and use of the mkque, rmque, chque, mkquedev, rmquedev, or chquedev commands. To add the control sequence values for your terminal: Changing the configuration file. Otherwise, the program bul these symbols as delimiters. A print queue can be defined for each data stream the printer supports.


The —e flag tells the pr command to replace the tab characters; the —t flag suppresses the page headings. The first character applies to header pages. For example, the qprt command flag for setting pitch is —p Number, where Number is the number of characters per inch.

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Virtual Printers and Formatter Filters. After the problem is corrected, you can move any unprinted job back to the original queue.

In the Web—based System Manager Printer Queues window, use the menus to complete the steps to hold a print job or to release a print job currently on hold. Log on as the root user. See Installing the physical printer on page Colon files reside in the predefined and customized database directories.

If the backend writes to its standard output, the qdaemon opens the device in root—user mode. The restore function outputs a string of printer commands that restore the printer to its default state, which is defined by the database attribute values. The colon file stores the virtual printer definition for a printer or hull.

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These values are typical for a supported PostScript laser printer. Printer backend commands The piobe command is the normal backend program run by the print spooling subsystem when compuprinr to a locally attached printer device. Obtaining a List of Printer—Resident Fonts.


Printer Backend Data Flow.

It will only be used to answer your inquiry. You will need this information to configure the base operating system tty device driver. Related Publications The following publications contain information on system management and the commands and files used in the operating system. See Configuring a printer port on page The qdaemon reads each new JDF and reads the job parameters specified by the JDF into an internal data structure that it maintains to track job requests.

The first character in a directory attribute name is d, and the second character designates the directory. Using piobe in this fashion will allow a better development of the base operating system spooler concepts.

A-1 A-8 Appendix B. All of lp, lpr, and qprt are front ends to enq.

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