We also recommend to install the Documentation Viewer 1. Release notes are available for the current as well as previous releases. You need to accept the license agreement during installation. Log in as Download. The macOS operating system comes with a pre-installed 2. This can be done by running BrainVoyager from a command shell window with the parameter “-regserver”. BrainVoyager QX security and download notice Download.

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Xthe old hardware-based licensing system Hasp dongle will be available, but we strongly advice existing users to move over to the new software licensing. Installing the hardware-licensed version.

For more information, read the BrainVoyager 20 release blog post. In case you have an older version of BrainVoyager QX, close any running instance prior to installation.

BrainVoyager QX

If these tips do not help, please contact Brain Innovation for further support by sending an email to licensing [at] brainvoyager [dot] com. Installing the hardware-licensed version.

Python Support BrainVoyager 20 supports an embedded Python interpreter as a new programming language for scripting and plugin development.

The package and the BrainVoyager executable have been signed and should start directly. Uasp files are simple text files containing the informations defining a stimulation protocol.


What don’t you like? BrainVoyager QX version 2. It is possible to upgrade your license remotely e.

If in “Volumes”, t congle interval values are inclusive, i. The following figure shows the mapping between the entries in the file and corresponding values in the “Stimulation Protocol dialog”:. To download example data sets, click the “Sample Data Web Page” domgle in the “Help” menu of BrainVoyager or visit the example data sets page with your Browser.

In case that something goes wrong during activation, please check that you have an active Internet connection, which is required for activating the software.

We also recommend to re-install the HASP driver during installation in case you use a local xongle to ensure that you use the latest driver version. Python support is marked as experimental in BrainVoyager 20 but version This will help the other users to find software product they need.

Color for vertical segments in time course plots belonging to condition 1. If you have already a valid software license, you can continue to use BrainVoyager as before after installation and enjoy its new features.

Installing the HASP dongle

System Requirements Version The prepared email will contain information about your computer Hardware ID and operating system. X versionsthe old hardware-based licensing system Hasp dongle will be available, but we strongly advice existing users to move over to the new software licensing. During brainvoyaber transition time Click here to download this executable. System requirements Version 2. Brain Innovation support portal.


SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin Version: In the appearing License Activation dialogclick the Create Email button see below. If set to “msec”, times of events can be specified not in multiples of TR’s i. Documentation is also available on this web pageincluding the e-book version of the user’s guide. In one sentence, express your opinion about this software. The following figure shows the mapping between the protocol entries and the display within time course plots:.

Brain Innovation – Downloads – Software Licensing

Close the dialog and start BrainVoyager, which should greet you eongle a Welcome dialog. Although, no malware, spyware or other malicious threats was found we strongly advise you to check product again before installing it on your PC. Volumes or msec new entry since BrainVoyager v4.

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