If there are noticeable dark lines in the scanned images, the scanner may need cleaning. Create an export file e. Please try again now or at a later time. Please refer to the following link for details on using Twain scanners on Windows Server Fields Tab Select the fields to be used for synchronization by clicking on the check boxes. An Insurance carrier must exist and selected before scanning a card.

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Category Tab This options in this group allows you to specify the categories for filing the contacts.

Calibration could also assist in scanning better quality images. Select the scanner to use by clicking on File…Select Scanner. Twain Initialization Files After each scan, the latest Twain scanner settings are saved to the following files — A.


Replace the roller and carefully re-assemble the cover and screw. General Installation Procedure 1. You move the scanner to another computer, or switch to a different scanner on the computer.

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Scanner Drivers

Make sure the card is inserted in the scanner properly and all the way. DO NOT remove any other screw.

Overwrite either the BizCardReader or Outlook record with the buzcard that was most recently changed. Card Twain Device in the utility menu of the main page see below and click save icon next to the help icon.


Mount and use scanner horizontally or vertically. Each time the database is edited and the contents saved, the export file is automatically updated.

Plug the scanner into the USB port of the computer. You can access help twai using the BizCardReader application in one of the following ways: Follow the instructions from the driver wizard. Do not use excessive force when tightening the screws. This will automatically install the latest driver for your scanner. Wipe away dirt or other particles from the upper and lower glass plates and rubber rollers with a dry cotton cloth.

Click File Menu and select Open option to open a database containing the information you want to export. When you view the properties of the device, tain should indicate that it is working properly. Agregar a Lista de favoritos.

bizcardd DO NOT detach the white ribbon cable from the sensor. After calibration, the scanner is fully installed on your computer. If the application is not listed, you should select and use one of the Standard Text formats, or the Text and Image formats. This feature saves the card database as a generic database text file which can be easily imported into other applications.

You should try installing the scanner on a different computer to verify if it is a working unit. If needed, specify the driver location, which is the CD ROM, or specify the folder where the downloaded driver files may be found. For easier cleaning, you can press down to swivel and expose the glass surface. Do not use excessive force when tightening the screw. For details on how to enable the Twain UI or set the image size, you should consult your third-party application manual or application support provider.


Click on the Calibrate button in the User Interface. The easiest way to install or update the scanner driver is to allow your computer to search online in the Windows database for the most current drivers.

BizCardReader » FAQ

This frees you from the tedium of having to manually export the database whenever you update the database contents. Make sure that the right edge of the card is covered by the paper strip, and the card fits under the notch next to the scan button. If needed, specify the driver location, which is the CD ROM, or specify the folder bizcatd the downloaded driver files may be found.

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