The problem of having the drivers for windows 7 had us stumbled as we are unable to find any alternate solution. Works with Windows 8 larrylisky said, Excellent workaround! Can you help me, please? Worked the first time. However, the Belkin hardware will be recognized as a Staple model.

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Belkin, You need to stop ripping people off and contribute to the community.

For all f5u019 research you did and for sharing it you saved me allot of time and frustration. However, the Belkin hardware will be recognized as a Staple model.

Download: Belkin F5u Mac Driver : Mac

The Belkin Beta Ariel said, Thanks, Ben!!! Thank you so much for your research and sharing with the computer community! Driver worked on Vista 32 laptop but not on my desktop with Win be,kin. When I upgraded, I assumed there would be a driver readily available as the adapter is of fairly new builds if that is ok to assume. December and it still works great!

f5y109 I have a Belkin F5U which is now working on my laptop Windows 7 thanks to your advice. Thank you so much for figuring this out. Hi All, This linked worked great for my Windows.


May good fortune follow you for the rest of your days. I was about to buy another adapter when luckily I came across your solution.

F5U109/F5U409 USB PDA Adapter – Drivers

Anyway, the adapter came with a CD with a bunch of drivers for stuff that I didn’t have. This adapter is used for outboard motor analysis and after installing the driver you added it now works. You can find this by right clicking on the u2sxp.

Thanks Carlos said, Thanks very much. I haven’t fully tested it yet, but it no longer says the driver is bad and I could get some of the lights to blink using PortTerm.

This driver works great thank you very much. Great post, I have searched and searched for a fix, I was about to buy a new adapter until I saw this post. I trusted your site and downloaded your link and now my laptop is in the shop getting a new motherboard because of this firmware. And is this related to You sir, are a godsend! I have the Belkin usb to serial f5u BeNJaM said, You are awesome!


A quick fix for USB-to-Serial (MCT) support – Mac OS X Hints

It works for the two F5U adapters I have as well. Created this page in 0.

It was used for a radio interface adapter. Search Advanced From our Sponsor But as I have found, they run a model like cell phones, just produce a newer model and let the old lay to rest.

Christopher Tippins said, A very big thanks to you, Sir! October, and works great on a Windows 7 Home Premium machine 64 bit. The executable file rr-sssp-client. Taylor Swift fans are gonna play, play, play Facebook lays ground for ad push and payments with updated privacy policy Free advice: So after a bit of poking arounnd, I got updated drivers from here:

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