Mon, 30 Apr Tue, 08 May The error is Can not load language driver. Installing the BDE 4. I will try that and post back. I have had no issues with running the mapped network drive on the other computers. Rainer Helbin Delphi Developer.

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$3E06 – Cannot load language driver – delphi

I tried to start BDEAdmin, but the program fails with the same message. I have had no issues with running the mapped network drive on the other computers. Especially since a carbon-copy configuration setting works on every single other machine.

They all share it from one computer. My SQL-languageproblem, a challange? I purchased a new computer with windows 7 64 bit and installed timeslips and I am get this error when it installs BDE.

This setting will ensure that the source editor does not change those languzge for you One way to see what the language driver is of a specific table is to use the undocumented TableDef class — it will show you the language driver the table was created with: Or do I have to install Windows again?

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I found lagnuage that other people had this or a related problem – using DejaNews and http: This user can access the application by logging in as herself on any other machine, and I can’t even use the application on this machine when logging on as God Himself. I even use a lot of the upper ANSI characters ones with diacriticals — umlauts, accents, accent graves, etc.


Error 3E06 Language driver. Borland database engine error 3E06 cannot load language driver.

I open the “Station Administrator” again set the database path languagee and try “Diagnosing this computer,” which tells me to install the language driver by running the BDE install again. So either you don’t have the right language driver file installed language drivers have a.

Many people have gotten confused when they got into Visual dBASE, because if they tried to display a value using CHR n where ‘n’ is some number in the ASCII tablethe character sometimes does not display what alnguage expect, especially if the character has a numeric value of or greater.

Wed, 02 May I think the error message is misleading.

Cannot load Language library.

Seeing as this computer was only a couple of days old I lanbuage reinstalled the OS from the factory image. It sounds to me like something hid itself from you. I click on OK and set the Station Administrator to the correct “Install path” and “Database location which I for some reason have to set everytime I got to the station administrator. Installing the BDE 4. So which one is “the right”? Borland database engine error 3E06 cannot load language driver 6.


Anyway, it’s “language driver not found.

Does anybody know something about the correct BDE setting? Borland’s list of error codes says the error means ‘Cannot load language driver’.

Re: Cannot Load Language drivers

I deinstalled Delphi, installed it again from CDand during the setup in the “configuring BDE part” I got a warning no specific message. I’ve had nothing but trouble doing installs after upgrading BDEs lately. Timeslips v is not supported on Windows 7. The funny thing is that I have the server computer is running windows 7 pro Any help is very much appreciated in advanced.

In some versions of the BDE 4. I then just installed Timeslips and it works fine. Cannot load driver error when loading Alias Manager 4.

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