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Got a Diamond one on my shelf. Originally Posted by masterat0r. Interested in the outcome; In this computer which is not the one I want to install the card to permanently to I put winxp pro install cd in the drive and upgrade win98se to winxp. Depending on your motherboard chipset, you may run into a error about the card being on the secondary PCI bus. I had my aureal vortex in my old comp, and decided to use it instead of bying an X-fi or whatever. Skill Memory Products G.

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Go ahead, but use this link please!: You could also try getting another Vortex 2 to try. With the two approaches to “how” to design a processor WE are the lucky ones as we get to choose what au830 important to us as individuals.

Next I tried newest aureal vortex drivers AU 9x 4. Although the Diamond install program should take care of everything so that’s still strange I tried 2408 MX drivers that are in vogonsdrivers, no luck. It doesn’t exactly say that they are incompatible. If there is no entry, remove it using Device Manager.


Aureal Semiconductor

Last drivers to the soundcard ended at XP though, anyone know how I can get my aureal vortex to work with vista 32bit?

When asked to reboot, do so. Perhaps I could change the inf file to match that. The Herc and Matrox made a hell of a tream. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.

Aureal Vortex AU

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last 208 to page: This site hosts no abandonware. Interested in the outcome; Like swaaye said, you might get an error message, but you can ignore it.

Results 1 to 25 of Want to use my Anti-asus logo? That’s a bulletproof platform for the Aureal chips. Board index All times are UTC. Sometimes PCI cards don’t get along in Win9x and strange things happen. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Depending on your motherboard chipset, you may run into a error about the card being on the secondary PCI bus.

If you must have DirectX 7.

Also the mx driver cd image that I burned has no english folder and there is just win9x folder that has version 1. Originally Posted by NapalmV5. Try to just run the MX and a video card.


Originally Posted by masterat0r. I should get mine together and put up a picture. It just says that it didn’t find any compatible drivers after I have pointed it to the correct folder with the files. Now, when the “Found new hardware” – “Audio device” comes up, point it to C: They seem to install, but when I try to open the monster sound control panel, I just get errors like ay8830 initialize drivers and such.

Maybe your MX isn’t working correctly in some way. First, ensure that you have installed your motherboard chipset drivers. Holynostalgia blast! Happy new year to you all BTW.

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