Casinos are known to have special suites and tables for high rollers. Given their colossal resources I reckoned I’d not be alone feeling curious. The form factor of the Essence One is reminiscent of Headroom’s designs. What hand would be dealt for the Muses? Standard internal clock compensation for different transfer rates between PCs and USB audio devices may still cause jitter, but with ADT, audio processors automatically tune buffer status to system output, enabling faster clock adjustments and better jitter reduction, delivering the highest fidelity with extensive detail and lively sound imaging. It is a rectangular shape, wider than it is deep, with a bit of a curvature to it, meaning that stacking on top of it probably won’t work. By applying this design, sensitive analog signals are neatly separated from digital signals to reduce cross-talk and other unwanted effects.

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I’m sure they were going for something when they did that and the odd touches to the bottom of the chassis. Unlike most USB DACs which use only one volume control for the output level of both headphone and speaker or even no volume controlThe Xonar Essence One allows users to set the headphone and speaker volume level separately.

Truthful audio MUSES 01 components are notable as the first to use oxygen-free copper interconnects, allowing for better circuit conductivity and thus improved reproduction.

The One uses a pair of LME opamps not socketed for the headphone stage. I don’t need a flashlight to walk around my house at night. In recent years the sophistication of both the playback software available to users and the USB decoding qsus to A Neutral Reference Headphone Amp: My bets would be on undersized output coupling caps or the amp struggling with the load.


6moons audio reviews: ASUS Xonar Essence One Muses Edition

Hmm Submitted by Leonarfd on April 28, – 2: The stock tended to xonsr more bottom end so I liked it more, to feel the drum kicks or the bass instruments in the orcestra. Another great combination has been the Mad Dog with Alpha Pad on the stock and the muses edition. Asus is better known to us, at least as a purveyor of superior PC-based equipment the oddly named Eee Pad Transformer Prime Android-operated tablet recently received a wildly enthusiastic five-star reviewbut the Xonar Essence One is a bridge between computer and hi-fi.

It was disappointing with the phones with which I thought it would mate perfectly and soared with the phones Essenc thought would break its back.

Asus Xonar Essence One USB

Twin grounding layers also form a shield to block interference. This is our first attempt but we have a lot more coming. Dinny’s writing is a crisp white canvas bursting forth with word-pictures, while the rest of us scrape crudely on the walls of our respective caves.

This, folks, is why we actually need to listen to this stuff. But whatever it was it’s lost on me. Should i consider the upgrade. According to Asus, the only difference essecne the two, other than the op amps, is that the Muses edition has a gain jumper. As an apartment-dweller, space is always at a premium, and if I can find a piece of kit that will replace several larger components, I am always interested.


Log in or register to post comments. Well, this is where it gets interesting and a bit confusing It’s worth noting that the Xonar Essence of any flavor is an op-amp roller’s delight, with many such combinations documented throughout the internets. Just wanted to chip in here, had both the Muses and standard edition for 21 days.

Fail to drive Hi-Fi class headphones with higher impedance. Artesania Esoteric double-wide 3-tier with TT glass shelfRajasthani solid hardwood console obe amps Powerline conditioning: Leave this field blank. Asus Indonesia asked me to do this review. I tried quite a few myself.

Perhaps the resistors were added to make sure that the amplifier remains stable with op amp “rolling”, but in my opinion lower impedance with fixed chips would have been better. The design provides excellent sonic characteristics and qualities and furthermore it is easily customizable.

Xonar Essence One allows user to swap almost every OP-amps for a fully customized sound. I can always overdose on that at Head-Fi. E1 HP output impedance ever measured?

Underneath that design frivolity, though, the Xonar Essence One is all business. DIY is awfully rewarding, you know?

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