Both the lid and the deck of the U30Jc are covered in a brushed aluminum that resists fingerprints, and, under the right lighting, appears to have a lavender tint. Seven hours of mobility? At idle with maximum energy-saving options on, the U30JC lasted 8: Loudspeakers The front-mounted loudspeakers deliver a lean sound image. CNet We’re fond of saying that the inch laptop is so unique it deserves its own category in the laptop family tree. There is, in fact, a hardware button , which serves to activate both wireless modules.

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NVIDIA Optimus Driver Update for Asus Notebooks

The slightly heavy chassis may not be for everyone, but nvkdia the U30Jc is a good value for those who want graphics oomph without sacrificing endurance. When all four cores are at work, all four of them are clocked not at 2.

Horizontal viewing angles are better, but still show signs of mild color nvidiw past 45 degrees. We have to admit we miss the grid of raised dots that usually adorn ASUS touchpads, but the brushed aluminum coating on the U30Jc is smooth and similar in feel to that on MacBook Pros.

We recommend that you check nivdia your local dealers for the specifications of the products available in your country. The aluminum screen cover does a good job of protecting the screen from impacts, showing little or no color distortion as you press firmly on the back of the screen.

They’re still good enough for personal listening. Our skin tones were accurate without being blotchy, and we could clearly make out the individual stripes of our shirt.


The keyboard does not live up to the same standard. Memory operations per second. During both the processor and graphics benchmarks the Asus U30JC was neither too warm nor too loud.

Within the optimal viewing angles colors were bright and deep, and high-def video looked great. As one might think, most of a computer’s life is not spent under stress. We measured the maximum electrical use when stressing the system with Prime95 and Furmark at The action game FarCry2 maxes out ngidia high details and x at 20 FPS, which isn’t exactly playable.

Which translates to 84 Watt-hours, an extremely strong capacity and also a reason for the weight of the And that’s not something we say very often about a laptop that doesn’t even set you back a grand. At idle with maximum energy-saving options on, the U30JC lasted 8: Temperature During both the processor and graphics benchmarks the Asus U30JC was neither too warm nor too loud.

The memory is clocked at MHz and the chip was finished with a 40mm nviddia, different from the M.

Asus U30Jc-A1 – External Reviews

When typing, we had the feeling that we were using a premium keyboard. As awful as the sound is also the positioning of the WLAN switch on this corner, which is very hard to auss. Seven hours of battery life while web-surfing, the power for which comes from the battery itself, the same one used in the Asus UL Working with azus, detail-rich applications at once such as Word or Excel is not recommended, though.


The 32mm CPU has two physical cores each at 2.

Looks incredible The new U30Jc cuts an impressive stance of style and compact finesse, with its light aluminum alloy construction, Chiclet keyboard and oversized palm rests. The included drivers support two-finger scrolling for horizontal and vertical movement, but nothing else.

Not having to flick a switch or manually adjust the system’s graphics makes Optimus awesome, but it also majorly pays off in battery life.

Well, now that sounds new, and that’s exactly what the Loudspeakers The front-mounted loudspeakers deliver a lean sound image. We really enjoyed the usability; having a multi-touch trackpad that worked well helped our productivity, and having a nice, spacious keyboard did as well.

This score places the U30JC squarely in the middle ngidia comparable hard drives.

Asus U30Jc-A1

In this situation the fan is clearly removing waste heat from the chassis but it does so in a consistent way. Similarly after we downloaded Flash A gaming score of 4, was to be had, almost points more than previously available on the energy-efficient setup.

The GPU is not only suitable for gaming, but also plays a support role to the processor.

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