Checked it with the HEX test as given by Fernando. Clear CMOS, flash again, and load optimized defaults. AHCI won’t work either. My workaround is to disable the controller in the BIOS. I verified Orom was correct. What is your old BIOS ver?

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Windows doesnt recognize drives with Linux formats on them. Monday, September 7, 4: Wednesday, July 21, So if anyone else has this issue, I recommend just keep trying different sticks until one works. Click here to join today!

If not, then I suppose I must do an XP repair? Either I’m doing something wrong even though I have tried this several times or alternatively the supposedly aggressive garbage collection system built into this drive is jmicrpn aggressive.

I have saved your text and will quote you when they ask.


JMicron Problem?

I changed the grub parameter from being erroneous set to hd0,3 to hd0,0 in the jmjcron boot parameters. I tried Winhex instead and it was very quick and easy with its double pane view and just a couple of steps.

A simpler approach for ordinary users is Trimcheck by CyberShadow: I surely wouldn’t be holding my breath waiting for an official Asus bios with these changes. If you want to thank me mate use the reputation button: Is there a way i can tell if TRIM is working?

What about the ORom? Thank you very much guys! So far so good my friend, and big thanks! What jjmb36x you mean by “Re-installing the C drivers? View all comments or add a comment. I remain with Bios and Here is a link for the bios with v I give you a pic.

What do you suggest? Do you already have an account? I am running the XMP profile, slightly slower than you.

SATA & IDE HDD Drive Together

The last 2 modbiosfiles and the new 12 do not working with usb flashback on my r4e. The one currently on chip 2. I want to use Ubuntu. Now why those drives do not work?


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I have the “failed to set xfermode” issue, too. Didn’t see that there. No rush on this, as i don’t expect to have the motherboard and system until 26th of december, then i have to upgrade everything swap motherboards, install windows With an older one 2. I My machine specs are not a problem either.

Average IO Rate 0.

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