It also does not help if the TravelMate is connected to the power adaptor or if you make inputs on the touchpad now and then, because the 30 seconds are activated with the last keystroke. A comparison with two Lenovo laptops or the HP ZBook of the same size shows that the Acer has an extra centimeter or more at each edge length. Do not cover or obstruct the opening of the fan. These two buttons are similar to the left and right buttons on a mouse. Fingerprints are practically invisible on the slightly rough surface of the black plastic case.

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Keyboard The keyboard, which has a white backlight and a 1. That’s why the TravelMate in our volume diagram with We are talking about a matte inch IPS display with a resolution traavelmate x pixels and a density of dpi.

Acer TravelMate 2410

There should be no flickering or PWM above this brightness setting. It is a little annoying that axer lights turn off automatically after 30 seconds, just as with other Acer models that we have tested. The square letter keys are 15 mm in size; a numpad like the TravelMate P has does not exist in the inch model.

Easy access to the HDD and It would have also been better to use a higher quality material, especially in the hinge area or for the base surface, or just to spice up the simple black with one or the other design element.


When you are prompted to enter 4210 password, you have three tries before the system halts. For photographers and ambitious Photoshop users, so those who care about a broad color space, the P will not be a first choice. Hence, the lighter the touch, the better the response.

The touchpad is sensitive to finger movements. Display – Not too fravelmate, but suitable for outdoor use. In idle mode, the fans are relatively quiet, but you can still hear them working.

TravelMate P2 TMPG2 | Laptops | | Acer Professional Solutions

Emissions – A rather noisy Acer. Of course, the TravelMate also has gesture control and multi-touch features. In the first picture, an unfavorable display position in direct sunlight is chosen. If the HDD lsptop to work as well, we measure This means that the measured response time is better than the average of all tested devices 41 ms. We start with points in the first round and then we get to a level between and points. Press Enter to set the user password.

On the right side, the degree angled power cord gets in the way of the Kensington lock if the power cable is not laid out to the rear, but to the front. The inch TravelMate is ordinary in terms of power consumption and can compete with the two Lenovo models and also with inch devices with an iU.


Current games such as Far Cry 5 can barely be played when lower presets and a resolution of x are selected. This means the cursor responds as you move your finger across the surface of the touchpad.

To change the value of a parameter, press por Q. The built-in battery with 48 Wh delivers juice for just over 7 hours in Wi-Fi operation. This means that Acer has not improved on the SD card reader. You can change the value of a parameter if it is enclosed in square brackets.

Input Devices – Acer plays it safe. These buttons are called launch keys. It is sufficient for occasional gaming, though. The password setting is complete after the user presses g. The memory clock rate is 1, MHz. It also does not help if the TravelMate is connected to the power adaptor or if you make inputs on the touchpad now and then, because the 30 seconds are activated with latop last keystroke.

Light-Emitting Diodes LEDs that turn on and off to show the status of the computer’s function and components.

CalMAN Grayscales not calibrated.

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