Prices subject to change without notice. The C pico-projector is designed to fit in beautifully with your mobile lifestyle. Video playback is downright pathetic. On top of working out of a single USB cable — which means no power adapter, no tangle of cables and no issues with plugs — it weighs a mere handful of grams g and measures just x85x25 mm, thus allowing to make brilliant presentations without adding any burden. Acer provides an optional 25″ grey screen for Rs , which strikes a good balance between contrast and brightness.

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Product images used on website are for illustration purposes only and may vary from the product description. Once done, the install will prompt you to specify if you are using two USB ports on your PC or one – and manage the brightness of the projector accordingly. Projctor tried the C with over half-a-dozen systems ranging from lowly netbooks to high-powered gaming rigs, but none of them could coax out decent projectr playback from the projector.

The Taliban Will Be Proud At the press event for this projector, we were told that it’s supposed to be a “notebook companion”.

Acer C Projector at Just Projectors!

All those claims clearly turned out to projsctor a big pile of horse dung, because the C is only good for presentations. It was assured that the C would handle presentations as well as multimedia with great aplomb.

Acer C Projector Rating 0 About Us Who are we? GM Multimedia does not operate a showroom. Our Vendors Reviews Contact Us. No power adapter is needed; the USB cable provides the power for the projector.


With the C pico-projector, Acer has created the perfect match for your notebook. Not only will it prevent scratches on the tablet, pprojector also allows you to pack in the projector and the USB cable in one package and carry it without the risk of misplacing one or the other. A ” projection at 50 lumens will appear washed out even in the darkest of rooms.

The extreme portability is completed by a sophisticated black case that portrays refined elegance. Essentially, the Acer C does pretty much that, and then something a bit more! Unfortunately, there is currently no Mac OS X drivers available for this projector. The projector has a native image size of x The problems ranged from really low framerates to ghastly artefacting and aliasing, despite trying out various permutations and combinations of systems, codecs, and playback software.

The device has a native contrast ratio of I had to fish out a Windows based laptop to test this device. The brightness levels of the C are excellent, among all the Pico projectors.

The C has a native resolution of x pixels, but the projector is capable of handling input signals projextor to x pixels.

The colour fidelity, contrast, and brightness levels are on par with average DLP projectors, but there’s really no point harping about DisplayMate test axerbecause all you can do with this projector is watch boring presentations.

Acer C110 Projector Review

It only needs a single USB cable to connect to your laptop and be powered while allowing you to enjoy your favorite movies, your holiday pictures or show your presentations. A single USB port at the rear accepts both data and power.


In a dark medium sized room, the brightness level is pretty much akin to an entry-level projector. I recommend using the mounting screw on its belly that accepts standard tripods. Screens – Which Screen?

What Hi-Fi?

Those interested in movies or games might as well stop reading now. The projechor readers that are interested in having spreadsheets and presentations projected on their ceilings may want to hang around, because there’s loads of interesting stuff coming your way.

Acer provides an optional 25″ grey screen for Rswhich strikes a good balance between contrast and brightness. Pair it with a GorillaPod and you can start projecting on the walls and ceilings in a hassle-free manner. What’s more, a 26″ portable projecfor optional that’s foldable and easy to carry allows flexible mobile projection with quality imagery. The ability to carry projectpr around without any fuss is something we cant really put a value figure on! Just to see how well it holds up with dedicated video viewing, we plugged it in to a laptop and placed it about 3 feet away from the wall.

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