Speaking of which, the IS7 supports up to 4GB of ram. Driver files are usually supplied either as an installation file or a compressed archive. Moving to the right, the power connection is located near the edge of the motherboard, just above the floppy connection. Therefore this may turn out being good for Intel! Many companies will loose money as many of the informed users now you will opt for boards like the ABIT IS7 due to its price point and performance results with these new updated BIOS’s.

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Our file database is checked with several anti-virus tools every day. Therefore this may turn out being good for Intel!

It’s extremely quick, and even when pushing our memory with the Street Racer settings, the board never hiccupped once. Personally, I like this alignment, as it makes hiding IDE cables easier, but it is certainly not as easy to work with if your hard drives cover the connections.

Abit Mainboard IS7/IS7-G/IS7-E BIOS Version 1.7

CPU utilization is 0. If the driver you need is not in the databaseplease send us an email and we will do our best to find it for you as soon as possible.

Street Racer settings as well. I’m not a big fan of the summarized scores, but there are a couple of areas of the benchmark I do find useful. Note that lower scores are better, and 1.77 are in seconds.


The next overclock was FSB, and in order bioss do so, we needed to run the ram at 5: I may try getting it replaced by NewEgg but I don’t suppose it’ll help. To start the download, you will need to enter a verification code first.

Excellent performance, overclocking and stability. I have no PCI cards in this box. The same goes for the IC IC7 – Pre Game Accelerator. There are clamps used to hold the heatsink down, which makes swapping it, or reapplying thermal paste, an easy is7/is7-g/is7-r since you won’t need to remove the motherboard as you would if there were push pins. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. You got some good voltage options, which is a must when overclocking.

There is also some discussion about sound quality issues, but I have not experienced those myself. I should mention that the system was not stable enough for benchmarks here.

The first thing we’ll check is the audio. The last items worth pointing out are the onboard peripherals. The layout of the board is very nice. Keep in mind the notes made earlier regarding AGP card and ram access. It seemed to handle the overclocking a little better than the IC7, but we hit the familiar FSB ceiling again here. Hopefully we’ll remedy this situation in the near future.


Speaking of which, the IS7 supports up to 4GB of ram. Though the increments in which you are able to adjust Vcore aren’t as fine as most motherboard’s BIOSes is7/is7-gi/s7-e 0.

It’s plain to see that the CPU takes quite a hit when enabling the onboard sound.

– free drivers – Abit Mainboard IS7/IS7-G/IS7-E BIOS Version

Tests will be done with the same hardware configuration as the rest of the benchmarks, except we’ll only be displaying the Pentium 4 2. DRAM ratios of 1: Like the IC7, the IS7 shows excellent performance when overclocked, and it runs biod these settings with total ease.

It is here you can adjust your memory timings, and if your ram can handle it, you can really tweak it here. Here we can see the Game Accelerator make a larger impact, which biox should given it’s a memory optimization.

Just a quick plug to Plain Label PC for hooking us up with the 2.

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